SEO Misconceptions Series Introduction

Published on 12th February 2017

Hello world. I’m Lori. This is my face.

Having recently finished my MSc International Management degree, I’ve signed onto a training placement program with the super clever team at Footprint Digital. I first found out about these guys when a few of them ran a fun presentation during one of my lectures. Intrigued by their ethos of genuinely caring about their clients and helping their clients make more money, I wanted to learn more.

Right now, I’m working to improve my understanding of digital marketing so am learning through the time-honoured way of lots of research and practice implementation. By being surrounded by the experts at Footprint Digital, I’ve been able to get the answers to a series of questions I had when I started. You may have had some of the same questions too such as:

Can you really manipulate your site to the top of Google results?

How do you do it?

What about Social Media?

Do they really have a slide and free food in the Google offices?

Is google really controlled by a 26 armed arachnid whose job it is to drag and drop search results every time you type something in?

These are questions we all need answers to!

In this series of blogs, I hope to take out some of the chaos that surrounds Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and give a clear, direct answer to the questions we all have regarding it.

I plan to expose the mystery that surrounds this element of digital life, cut through the bogus information and technical jargon, and pick out the most important information from the ever-expanding and ever-changing interwebs.

By setting some common SEO misconceptions straight, I hope this easy-to-understand blog series will make SEO make a little bit more sense in the plethora of SEO information that’s out there.

Remember, I’m here for you! If you have any questions, please send me an email or tweet me @LoriCantwell.

Here some handy links for further introductory info on SEO:

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What are some examples of great SEO site design?

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