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Think with Footprint: The Social Landscape

23rd February 2018 marked the first Think with Footprint of the year, presented by Alex, from Born Social. As we’ve seen in one of our recent blog posts, social media for businesses is a hugely important way to connect with audiences. Alex gave us a bit more insight into how the landscape of social media… Read more »

Think with Footprint: Pitfalls and Promises of International Growth

There are businesses in the UK that are happy remaining within one market. Then, there are businesses that are more adventurous. They’re inquisitive about what other markets can offer them, but often nervous about venturing into a brave new world. Often, they have an idea of which marketplace they want to move into, but they… Read more »

Think with Footprint: Customer Journey Mapping

The UK is the fourth largest advertising market – behind Japan, China, and the Unites States – spending $24.16 billion in 2016. In 2005, the Guardian conducted a study using technology called Eye Contact, and found that a London Commuter would see or hear more than 130 adverts in one 45-minute journey. Only half of… Read more »

Think With Footprint: Business Performance Coaching

At Footprint Digital, two of our key values are that we believe that there’s nothing people can’t achieve, and that we embrace challenges. Our latest Think with Footprint speaker is the epitome of these two things, and we were extremely pleased to welcome her into our offices on Friday 13th October, to hear about her… Read more »

Think with Footprint: Visii Visual Search

Back in April, we attended Brighton SEO, and one of the most interesting concepts that we took away was the idea of a future of keywordless search. Most of the speakers mentioned voice search taking over – with the likes of Siri, Amazon Echo, Cortana, etc, etc. One speaker alluded to search becoming more visual,… Read more »

Think with Footprint: IT and Culture

 After a few months without a Think with Footprint (thank to extremely hectic schedules!) we were treated to the next instalment, from Essex University Lecturer, Dr Maged Ali. Maged lectures in Digital Marketing at Essex Business School, and he’s been working in technology since 1994 – so he was the perfect fit for Footprint, getting… Read more »

Think with Footprint: Personalities & Cultural Fit in the Workplace

On Friday 24th March, we all sat down for our fourth instalment of Think with Footprint – run by our very own Lori Cantwell! As an Undergraduate at Essex Uni, Lori studied Film & Creative Writing and combined this with her interest in psychology to create a short documentary called ‘The Outside Nation’ which explored… Read more »

Think with Footprint: Coaching with Colchester United FC

After the success of our first Think with Footprint session in December, we snapped up…

Think with Footprint: Our First Session

Here at Footprint, we like learning. In a digital marketing company it’s important to keep…

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