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Apprentice 2019 (5) – The Bodacious Blues and Rock Festival

In its 21 years of running, the festival has supported local charities, its primary function: to raise money towards the Building Malawi foundation, Rotary and St Helena Hospice. See how our teams fared in their most recent challenge!

Apprentice 2019 (4) – The Delectable DofE Encounter

Every other month Director Tom Bowden brings the team together to compete in the Footprint Digital Apprentice Challenge. This year the Footprint Digital team has split into two teams: The Powerpuff Girls and The Michael Scanlon Jazz Band Experience. Having completed round one, round two, and round three, the score is poised at 2-1. This is… Read more »

My placement year at Footprint Digital

“Believe in people and what they can achieve” I study business management at the University of Essex, and I am so happy that I chose to complete my placement year at Footprint Digital. I started my placement year in a very different way, on a paddleboard in Mersea with the Footprint team, followed by a… Read more »

Apprentice 2019 (3) – The Astonishing Advert Affair

With the competition all tied up, both teams were brimming with excitement with the announcing of a surprise 3rd round. With all meaningful information, other than false pretences of being outside for the entire day, withheld, what we were doing was anyone’s guess. Some brought thermals, others walking boots and some came as normal hoping for the best.

Welcoming our Partnership Development Manager and Content Coordinator

The last few months have seen the introduction of five new team members. As the two new relationship managers were introduced to you earlier, it is only right we also introduce you to our new content coordinator Josef James, and partnership development manager Justine Duncan. Justine Duncan Justine joined this year’s Digital Marketing Executive Course… Read more »

Apprentice 2019 (2) – The Great Indoor Kart-Off

As the second apprentice challenge dawned on the Footprint Digital team, first-round rivalries that were sworn to the grave resurfaced and revved their engines. This round would see the Power Puff Girls pit their go-karting capabilities against the in-form Micheal Scanlon Jazz Band Experience. After last round ’s win, they were ready to lengthen the gap to 2-0.

Writing Careers Event – University of Essex

Digital Marketing Workshops Josef and Reuben from our Footprint team attended a ‘Writing Careers’ event on Thursday 22nd November at the University of Essex. We spoke to a group of humanities students who want to have a career in writing, about considering going into Digital Marketing. We wanted to give the students an idea of… Read more »

Apprentice 2019 (1) – A New Series of Apprentice Challenges

With fresh team members, having never before experienced the Footprint Digital Apprentice Challenge, the out-of-the-blue announcement of a fresh round of challenges was met with curiosity and intrigue; with a healthy mix of instantaneous competitiveness from team members who had been through it all before. If this latest series of challenges started as it intends to go on, there will be sparks, insults and an incessant series of cheating accusations.

Welcoming our Two New Relationship Managers

In the last few weeks we have welcomed two new relationship managers to our Footprint Digital team. Both Joanna and Taya joined us in the summer for our Digital Marketing Executive Course, and they have taken on the challenge to come back and work for us full time. Don’t worry we have been nice to… Read more »

One Month at Footprint Digital – My Placement Year

My placement started slightly differently to most others; On a paddleboard in Mersea trying to prove myself through balance and strength (and not falling into the water) while hoping I wouldn’t be pushed off. Thankfully being a newbie, I was saved from being pushed. It was my first opportunity to meet the team and somehow… Read more »

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