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Shooting the Hippo (metaphorically) – How to put the User First

How many times has a website annoyed you? How many times has it been difficult for you to find what you need on a website? We’re guessing at least a few times!   The problem is usually poor user design, and this problem is usually caused by a Hippo. Not a Hippopotamus, nor a hippodrome.… Read more »

Footprint Bitesize: An Introduction to Screaming Frog

What is Screaming Frog? Screaming Frog is an online tool that we use a lot. It is a crawler for websites that simulates how a google bot would crawl a website. You simply plug in a URL (any URL) and it will look for links on the page and follow them in the same way… Read more »

5 Must-Have Analytics Tools for Your eCommerce Business

One of our trusted partners, OpsWay, are experts in eCommerce website and apps, so they know a thing or two about the best analytics tools to use for these websites. They’ve kindly listed their top five must-have analytics tools for eCommerce businesses – read below to find out what they recommend. The first thing that every… Read more »

Why Don’t People Convert?

The Rise (and rise) of Online Shopping Online shopping is a big deal (stating the obvious – we know!) Gone are the days of toddling off to your local high street to choose from a (probably rather limited) selection of wares and have a chat with the shopkeeper you’ve known since you were knee-high to… Read more »

How to set up Custom Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics

What is more frustrating that under performing campaigns? Not having any data to tell you  how a campaign is performing… In this post, we are going to look into how you can track clicks or visits from specific links or sources in Google Analytics using Customer Campaigns/UTM Tracking. Below is an overview of the sections,… Read more »

How to Change the Default Currency in Google Analytics

The currency setting (or “Currency Displayed As” as it is officially known as) is one of the most frequently forgotten settings that gets missed when setting up a new Google Analytics account. This is fine if you are US based, or sell in US Dollars, as the default is set as “$” . If you live… Read more »

How To Exclude Internal/Company Traffic in Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics set up on your website, a common problem that you may encounter is your staff members visiting your website many times a day, to check new updates, pricing, or even to admire what they have created. When large teams are involved, or if a site has a low volume of sessions/visits,… Read more »

How to improve web content – maximising User engagement & conversion

It’s time to transform the way you look and approach online content. “Why?” To improve the quality, experience, performance and outcomes that your online content achieves. “How?” Our aim is to achieve this simply through reflection and  an element of critical thinking. By using the following simple steps, you can completely transform your content and it’s… Read more »

What is Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a metric used to describe the percentage of people that visit your website but do not go beyond viewing the first page that they landed on. If this situation occurs, it is said that the visitor “bounced”. Bounce rate is when only a single interaction is made with a website before the user leaves.… Read more »

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