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Published on February 27, 2017 by Chris Ainsworth

World Book Day holds some treasured memories for us here at Footprint Digital – it’s the day when the school hall used to be transformed into a library, and we’d all pile in, excitedly scrambling for the latest literary offerings. Books are brilliant, and while our tastes may have refined slightly over the years, our love of the written word has stayed steadfast. In honour of World Book Day, which takes place on the 2nd March 2017 (two weeks today!), we decided to rummage around the office and find our top picks for books that are a good read and are also helpful for digital marketing – win, win!


The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization. (Eric Enge et al, 2015).

This book is a favourite of ours because Search Engine Optimisation is absolutely an art, and we find ourselves everyday thinking up new, innovative ways to help our clients improve their SEO. The book is an amalgamation of the thoughts of three SEO experts – Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola, all of whom share hints and tips for improving SEO strategy. This is quite thorough, and goes into some serious detail – so maybe not a good bedtime read but an excellent reference point for all things SEO.


On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. (Stephen King, 2012).

Stephen King doesn’t exactly need us to sing his praises regarding writing credentials – he’s got numerous books turned blockbuster hits under his belt, and he really does know a thing or two about writing. This is the perfect read for those who often come up against writers’ block, and it is great for anybody embarking upon any type of writing -including blogging & webpage copy. This is an easy (and interesting) read, walking a tightrope between practical writing tips and autobiography.


Why we Buy: The Science of Shopping. (Paco Underhill, 2008).

This is one that is always floating around the office. Written by the retail guru, Paco Underhill, it helps readers to understand why customers buy what they buy – a necessary thing to understand for anyone working in marketing (or any business really!) The book looks at trends surrounding the mechanics of shopping, shopping demographics, shopping dynamics, and finally the culture of shopping. It has some fascinating insights and is really difficult to put down!


SEO for Content Writers and PR Pros. (Phil Byrne, 2012)

An SEO book focused entirely on writing is very much up the street of the Content Department here at Footprint Digital! This book introduces its reader to the idea that SEO is not just for websites – it’s also incredibly important for PR, videos posted online, blogs (basically anything that you put on the web should be SEO optimised). It explores topics like keywords and how (and when) to use them, how to use content to create a buzz on social media and what backlinks are and how they should be used to keep content current. Altogether, this is a winner in our eyes!


Experiment! Website Conversion Rate Optimization with A/B and Multivariate Testing. (Colin McFarland, 2012)

This is a comprehensive read that goes right through from what experiments are (and perhaps more helpfully, what they are not) to methodology, design, and analysis (we may have missed a few steps out there- but you’ll see them when you read this book, which you definitely will!) This is a great introduction to the topic, going into detail about all of the basics.

So, there we have it! Our top five books for World Book Day 2017, perhaps slightly different to other ‘must read’ book lists that you might see, but these are extremely well written and very helpful for different areas of the digital marketing field!

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