SEO Training Courses

Our hands-on, one-on-one, bespoke, SEO training is perfect for those who are looking to develop their online marketing skills. We provide individual tutoring and tailor the course specifically to suit you and your business needs.

Course Duration

Courses can be either 1 or 2 days in length, dependent on your requirements. They usually take place in our office or in your own workplace and provide:
• A specifically tailored training course to suit your requirements
• Interactive hands-on tutorials
• Training materials

Specialist Trainer – Tom Jepson

Our  bespoke SEO training is run by Tom Jepson.
Tom is a director of Footprint Digital, and has over 12 years’ experience in search engine optimisation. He is passionate about educating clients to help support them to understand their websites and how they can be improved.

Post Training Support

Aftercare is important to us, and we are always available to help with any queries that you might have after the training. Just give Tom a call, and he will be happy to discuss your queries – all at no extra cost.

Book now onto our SEO training course to receive expert-led tuition.
Prices start from £500 (+VAT).

Contact Footprint Digital below, email or call 01206 899517.

Bespoke SEO Training
Start Date:
End Date:
Minimum 1 Day
£500 (+VAT) per day


  • An SEO training programme tailored to suit your needs
  • One-on-one tuition in your own environment
  • Hands-on practical training
  • A trainer with specialist knowledge
  • Post training support

What you will learn:

  • How Search Engines Work
  • How to track performance of SEO
  • Researching, analysing & selecting relevant keywords
  • How to find technical issues that inhibit site success
  • How to write engaging SEO-friendly content
  • How to build an exciting content strategy
  • The role of linking in SEO

Who is it For:

  • The course is designed to help those that are responsible for making more money online for businesses.

Where is the course held?

Footprint Digital
1-3 Head Street

(or at your chosen venue)

What does Tom J have to say about SEO? 

SEO is a fascinating and ever changing discipline; however, it can be extremely confusing to those who have little or no experience in it. I really love helping people understand the theories that underpin how search engines work. I only advocate the use of white hat SEO techniques, that will help search engines choose to rank your website over others. There are no short cuts to success with SEO; however, there are definitely more efficient ways of spending your time (which is why we offer SEO services to let you get back to doing what you’re best at!) It is vital that businesses focus on quality website content, and make their web experiences remarkable for their customers.

Google's advice is simple. Focus on the end user and all else will follow. This is a philosophy we live by at Footprint Digital and is the only way for enduring success online.
Tom Jepson - Director and Head of Client Services at Footprint Digital
Lynne Reedman

“The “How to make Google love your website” event delivered by Tom was excellent – thank you!  Lots of useful information and tips were shared in an engaging, interesting and relevant way, using plenty of examples. I took away a number of actions to implement that I am sure will make a difference.”

“I attended a workshop today presented by Tom of Footprint Digital and can’t speak highly enough of the content and the delivery of the presentation. It was broken down into clear sections, delivered at a pace which was easy to follow, and without technical jargon. Really impressed and feeling motivated to start testing some new approaches on my own sites.”

Vicky Etherington
Hannah Wood

“I recently attended Footprint’s ‘Technical SEO and Keyword Success’ workshop and I cannot speak highly enough of their presentation. They conveyed every piece of information you need about SEO from building your website to increasing your ranking once you become established, great for any type of audience. Not only that, but they’re not afraid to tell you all of their tips and tricks”

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