We love to share. There’s nothing we love more than empowering and supporting those interested in enhancing their understanding of all things digital. Below is the list of events we are speaking at in 2019 and the courses we are delivering. We would love to see you at these events so please follow the links to register online or contact our team if you would like to learn more.

Upcoming Events

SessionDayDateDelivered byLocationPrice
Making Google fall in love with your websiteTuesday04/06/2019Thomas RowsonCBHC Limited, ChelmsfordFree for invitees of CBHC Limited.
Executive Education - Digital Brand Management & ImplementationTuesday & Wednesday11/06/2019 & 12/06/2019Tom Bowden & Tom JepsonEssex Business School, University of Essex£995+VAT
(£795+VAT Alumni Rate)
An Introduction to Digital Marketing: Where should we start?Tuesday11/06/2019Tom BowdenFootprint Digital, Colchester
Digital Marketing Audit: Understanding What a Site NeedsWednesday12/06/2019Tom Bowden & Dave RoscoeFootprint Digital, Colchester£295+VAT
Strategy: A practical plan to make more money onlineTuesday18/06/2019Hannah MeadowsFootprint Digital, Colchester
Strategy: A practical plan to make more money onlineWednesday19/06/2019Hannah MeadowsFootprint Digital, Colchester£295+VAT
SEO Day 1: How to Make Google Love your Website: Keyword Research Tuesday25/06/2019Tom JepsonFootprint Digital, Colchester
SEO Day 2: How to Make Google Love your Website: Technical SEOWednesday26/06/2019Tom JepsonFootprint Digital, Colchester£295+VAT
SEO Day 3: Building Signals, Backlink Strategy & OutreachTuesday02/07/2019Tom JepsonFootprint Digital, Colchester
SEO Day 4: Content Strategy & DistributionWednesday03/07/2019Tom JepsonFootprint Digital, Colchester£295+VAT
Project Management for Digital: Day 1Tuesday9/07/2019Hannah MeadowsFootprint Digital, Colchester
Communication Skills for Digital Day 1 2019Tuesday10/07/2019FootprintFootprint Digital, Colchester£149+VAT
Conversion Rate Optimisation Day 1: How to convert more customersTuesday16/07/2019Josef JamesFootprint Digital, Colchester
Conversion Rate Optimisation Day 2: Building TestsWednesday17/07/2019Josef JamesFootprint Digital, Colchester£295+VAT
PPC: Day 1 How to build and optimise a Google Adwords account Tuesday23/07/2019Michael ScanlonFootprint Digital, Colchester
PPC: Day 2 How to build and optimise a Google Adwords account Wednesday24/07/2019Michael ScanlonFootprint Digital, Colchester£295+VAT
PPC Day 3: How to build and optimise a Google Adwords accountTuesday30/07/2019Michael ScanlonFootprint Digital, Colchester
PPC Day 4: How to build and optimise a Google Adwords accountWednesday31/07/2019Michael ScanlonFootprint Digital, Colchester£295+VAT
Google Analytics Training Day 1Tuesday06/08/2019Tom JepsonFootprint Digital, Colchester
Google Analytics Training Day 2Wednesday7/08/2019Tom JepsonFootprint Digital, Colchester£295+VAT
A beginners guide to code: How the web works, html & CMSTuesday13/08/2019Chris Ainsworth & Tom JepsonFootprint Digital, Colchester£149+VAT
Social Media MarketingWednesday14/08/2019FootprintFootprint Digital, Colchester£149+VAT
Project Management for DigitalWednesday20/08/2019Hannah MeadowsFootprint Digital, Colchester£149+VAT
Communication Skills Day 2Wednesday21/08/2019FootprintFootprint Digital, Colchester£149+VAT

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