Digital Marketing Executive Course – Day 1 – How to Structure Your Digital Marketing Department for Success

Published on November 28, 2022 by Tom Bowden

Here are the course notes, slides and videos for Day 3 of the Footprint Digital Academy Digital Marketing Executive Course. Investigating “How to Structure Your Digital Marketing Department for Success” the day covers:

How to run a meeting: 6 Step
Footprint Digital Vision
The Importance of Relationships
Goal Setting: your goals for development in your life
The components of a successful business: Revenue Chain
Time Management: Red, Blue, Black
Communication Styles: Think, Feel, Know

What is a Digital Marketing Manager?
An introduction to SEO
An introduction to PPC
An introduction to CRO
An introduction to Google Analytics
An introduction to Site Builds/ Migration

Would you ask a head chef in a restaurant to perform all the roles required to serve a meal? Probably not, yet, this is what we see day to day with the role of a Digital Marketing Manager. This is reducing your chance of success in digital.

How can we improve our visibility in search engines? Find out the principles here.

So, what’s he got against HiPPOs? Here’s what, and here’s how to shoot them!

Running an Adwords account? If not why not? Here’s some great steps to build a successful account.

Running tests on website designs is one of the most under utilised, yet most powerful, options in your toolkit. Learn how to create killer tests here.