Footprint Digital Academy at the University of Essex

You are the future. We are looking for smart, passionate and ambitious web marketers to help our clients make more money online.

Each year we offer 6 FREE places on our life changing course to graduates from University of Essex, University of East Anglia and Anglia Ruskin University. (For those candidates based in London we run another course at Greenwich University).

This exclusive opportunity bridges the gap from academia to the real world and will give you the foundation knowledge to become a future leader in the industry.

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Do you want a career that is fascinating and ever-changing?

Do you want to work in an incredible environment with a collective of experts that will challenge you to achieve exceptional things?

If so, you are in the right place…

The Footprint Digital Academy at the University of Essex is an incredible opportunity to start your career. It is the perfect bridge between academia and ‘the real world’. It is a 22 Day course that builds upon the academic theory taught at university and equips you with the necessary ‘real world’ tactical and interpersonal skills to kick start your career.

You will be taught by some of the best Digital Marketers in the region and will gain practical experience. Throughout your time with us we will support you to learn, play and grow.

The course is very competitive and previous successful applicants have been in the top few of those on their Masters course.

We will offer this course for FREE to 6 Essex University, ARU, or UEA University Students that will conclude their studies in 2020 (the course retails at £1,575+VAT to book each session). On completion we hope to offer full time jobs to 3 people from the course starting in October 2020, at a starting salary of £18-22,000 (depending on experience).

We also support those that we do not offer full time roles in finding a marketing role by introducing them to our clients and people in our network. 100% of those that have taken the course in the past have found employment.

Footprint Digital Academy at the University of Essex
5pm Monday 9th March 2020
INTERVIEWS: w/c March 9th 2020
Friday 24th April 2020
Tuesday 16th June 2020
Thursday 27th August 2020
22 days over 3 months
2 days per week (Tuesday and Wednesday)
FREE to successful University Graduates that apply for a full time role at Footprint Digital on completion
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This 22 day course coincides with term time at the University of Essex, UEA, and ARU. It starts in June and ends in September.

The course runs for two days a week (Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 9:30am to 4:30pm) throughout the summer. This allows postgraduate students the time needed to complete their dissertations alongside the course.

What it is like working at Footprint Digital.



Scroll down for more information on how to apply and click here to see What is it like to work at Footprint Digital?


  • The opportunity to learn from the best digital marketers in the industry
  • A great environment
  • Being part of something special
  • Includes Tea, Cake and Ice Cream!
  • A chance to enhance Your Career
  • For University leavers it can lead to a full time job, starting in October with great opportunities for fast career growth

Desired Outcomes:

  • Greater confidence in where to invest budgets to make the most of the digital space
  • Clarity on how all of the different methods of marketing online fit in
  • Foundations understanding of the principles of effective SEO, PPC and CRO
  • How to make the most of Google Analytics
  • Enthusiasm and excitement for digital marketing

Who's It For?

  • The course is designed to help train those with little to no knowledge of SEO, PPC, and CRO, but who are interested in a digital marketing career
  • It is especially useful for those with good quality masters or undergraduate degrees who are looking to further their learning in digital marketing techniques
  • The course is for bright, highly motivated individuals, who are willing to put the hard work in as well as have fun!

Course Syllabus

DaySessionDelivered byDatePrice
Day 1An Introduction to Digital Marketing: What options are there and where should we start?Tom BowdenTuesday 16th June£75+VAT
Day 2Digital Marketing Audit: Analysing How My Site is performing and Understanding What a Site NeedsTom BowdenWednesday 17th June£75+VAT
Day 3Strategy: Business Questions, Setting Goals, Objectives, Reporting Frameworks, and Perfect ClientsHannah MeadowsTuesday 23rd June£150+VAT
Day 4Strategy: Coming up with a practical plan to make more money onlineHannah MeadowsWednesday 24th June
Day 5SEO Day 1: How to Make Google Love your Website; An Introduction to SEO, Keyword Mapping, Keyword Research, and ContentTom JepsonTuesday 30th June£150+VAT
Day 6SEO Day 2: Technical SEO; Site Build Checklist, Technical Audit, Technical Recommendations, and MigrationTom JepsonWednesday 1st July
Day 7SEO Day 3: Building Signals, Backlink Review, Backlink Strategy, and OutreachTom JepsonTuesday 7th July£150+VAT
Day 8SEO Day 4: Content Strategy & DistributionJosef JamesWednesday 8th July
Day 9PPC Day 1: How to build and optimise a Google Adwords accountMichael ScanlonTuesday 14th July£150+VAT
Day 10PPC Day 2: How to build and optimise a Google Adwords accountMichael ScanlonWednesday 15th July
Day 11PPC Day 3: How to build and optimise a Google Adwords accountMichael ScanlonTuesday 21st July£150+VAT
Day 12PPC Day 4: How to build and optimise a Google Adwords accountMichael ScanlonWednesday 22nd July
Day 13Conversion Rate Optimisation Day 1: Why customers don't convert and how to convert moreJosef JamesTuesday 28th July£150+VAT
Day 14Conversion Rate Optimisation Day 2: Why customers don't convert and how to convert moreJosef JamesWednesday 29th July
Day 15Project Management for Digital Day 1: Shadowing and ObservingHannah MeadowsTuesday 4th August
Day 16Communication Skills for DigitalHannah MeadowsWednesday 5th August£75+VAT
Day 17Google Analytics Training Day 1Tom JepsonTuesday 11th August£150+VAT
Day 18Google Analytics Training Day 2Tom JepsonWednesday 12th August
Day 19A Beginners Guide to Code: How the web works, HTML, & CMSChris AinsworthTuesday 18th August£75+VAT
Day 20Communication Skills - PresentingThomas RowsonWednesday 19th August£75+VAT
Day 21Project Management for Digital Day 2: What is Project Management?Hannah MeadowsTuesday 25th August£75+VAT
Day 22Social Media MarketingChris GreenWednesday 26th August£75+VAT
Day 23Footprint Academy Graduation DayFootprintThursday 27th August

Where is the course held?

Footprint Digital
1-3 Head Street

or at your chosen venue

Academy Alumni – The Essex MBA and Footprint Digital

The Footprint Academy Fundamentals course provided me with a unique opportunity to explore digital marketing in a friendly and intellectually stimulating environment. One of the major advantages of this course is the combination of lectures about essential digital marketing topics and exercises, where theory and practice are combined. Before starting this course I was completely unfamiliar with principles of conversion rate optimisation (CRO), pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO). Thanks to Footprint’s professional expertise and very engaging teaching approach, today I feel much more confident using these digital marketing practices in daily life.

"Thanks to Footprint's professional expertise and very engaging teaching approach, today I feel much more confident using these digital marketing practices in daily life."
Dana Storozhuk, 2016
“I enjoyed everyday on the training course, and learnt so much.”
Alexandra Eade, 2016

I was absolutely fascinated by Footprint’s company culture, its vision and core values. Company is dedicated to building a team with strong commitment to continued learning. Here all employees enjoy working together as they work not just for, but with the company, while office always feels like a very welcoming place. Being a masters student, I really enjoyed the fact that Footprint team was very supportive as they did everything possible to ensure that this course does not interfere with my academic commitments. As follows, the Footprint Academy course definitely helped me to broaden my professional and personal horizons. I would definitely recommend it to any online business seeking professional digital marketing support or anyone who is interested in enhancing digital marketing skills.

Before embarking on the Footprint Academy Fundamentals Course I had very little knowledge of SEO, PPC, and CRO! Whilst I thought that this could have been an issue, I quickly realised that the course was designed to support people like me, someone with little knowledge on the subject but who was willing and eager to learn! The team at Footprint Digital were supportive and friendly from the start, and it was clear how much work they had put into creating the course. They were all fantastic teachers, and delivered each session brilliantly. The broke the topics down into manageable chunks, answered question after question, and explained everything so that we could understand. I enjoyed every day on the training course, and learnt so much!

"I learned loads."
Lori Cantwell, 2015
"I cannot recommend the Footprint Academy or the company as a whole more highly, if you get the chance you should definitely apply!"
Reuben Marshall, 2017

In the summer of 2017 I was lucky enough to take part in the Footprint Academy, an intensive course covering the basics of digital marketing. Although initially nervous – I was a recent history graduate, with no experience in marketing or business – Footprint’s friendly staff delivered interesting sessions packed with information. I really enjoyed the course and felt like I learned a huge amount, something which has come in handy as I was offered a full-time position which I have recently started. I cannot recommend the Footprint Academy or the company as a whole more highly, if you get the chance you should definitely apply!

I undertook the Digital Marketing Executive Course this summer, and it was brilliant. As a novice to SEO, PPC, and the like, and it was perfectly pitched so that I could understand everything. Now working in the industry, the course at Footprint Digital was essential to making that happen. A wonderful course delivered by wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable people, who are clearly experts in their field and have great relationships with their clients. Vital skills for businesses in the modern world, essential for anyone studying marketing at Uni or similar. 10/10, would recommend wholeheartedly.

"10/10, would recommend wholeheartedly."
Thomas Rowson, 2017
"absolutely loved it!"
Justine Duncan, 2018

I attended the Footprint Digital Marketing Executive course over the summer 2018 and absolutely loved it! Firstly, everyone there was so welcoming, kind, and so so experienced. Secondly, the amount that I learned during the course was incredibly invaluable. My knowledge during the course grew exponentially on SEO, PPC, CRO and many other aspects to digital marketing including Google Analytics, tracking, site build and migration to project management and social media. These guys are experts at what they do! Upon finishing the course I was offered a position at Footprint Digital and now I love working here. I can’t recommend the Footprint Digital training courses enough!

I completed the Digital Marketing Executive course with Footprint Digital over the summer and it was a very interesting and rewarding experience. I have a background working in search engine optimisation (SEO) and it was very useful to learn about the other elements that make up Digital Marketing. Great course, would highly recommend.

"a very interesting and rewarding experience"
Joanna Hetzel, 2018

How to apply

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5pm Monday March 9th 2020

INTERVIEWS: w/c March 9th 2020

START: June 6th 2020

GRADUATION: August 27th 2020

Please send an email to with your CV or a note that details your academic achievements and wider interests:

  1. Your degree and predicted result
  2. Your strengths (what you’re good at)
  3. Your interests (what you like to do outside of your degree)

We recognise that you are unlikely to have experience at this stage of your careers so the CV or letter does not have to be formal, but, please make it interesting and tell us the exceptional things you have achieved in your life so far and things you would like to achieve in the future.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck!

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