Shaakir Ahmed – Relationship Manager and Paid Search Expert

Shaakir is a Relationship Manager and Paid Search expert, who has been part of the team since 2019.

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Shaak brings a range of strategic and project management skills to his role, gained through numerous qualifications including a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management, a Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing from the Chartered institute of Marketing, and an MBA from Essex Business School. 

He has also been awarded a Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute, and awards in Digital Strategy, Digital Experience, and Mastering Digital Channels from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

Quick Fire Questions

  • Footprint Time Capsule Item: A list of idioms
  • First Job: New Product Development
  • Vital Desk Item: My 'Shrek' Mug because it's cool and awesome
  • New Item for Office: A cafeteria that has a buffet option
  • Best Trip: Turkey - It had the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation

Shaak’s Bucket List

  • Bungee jumping
  • Sky diving
  • Travelling to every corner of the world
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"Time spent in reconnaissance is rarely wasted"
Military Adage