Rob James – Head of Delivery

Rob is a digital marketing expert with 10 years industry experience. He entered the industry as part of the outreach team for another agency where he worked along side one of Footprint Digital’s Directors, Tom Jepson.  His natural ability to systemise workflows and improve output saw him quickly promoted to team lead, before moving into the SEO team as a consultant.

Rob has a keen interest in coding and taught himself html, VBA, and Python. His logical mind and innate desire for order with built-in flexibility enabled him to build a successful team in his role prior to joining Footprint Digital.

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Rob’s continuous research and knowledge sharing landed him a unique opportunity to be the first employee at a start up agency. Through the rapid growth of the company over its first 6 years, Rob was faced with continuous changes and challenges such as:

  • Bringing new services in house
  • Sourcing new staff
  • Ensuring training was available for all staff
  • Maintaining effective internal communications with a continuously increasing team
  • Breaking down service silos

Rob’s current role as Head of Delivery focuses on:

  • Supporting the leadership team with continual process improvement and creation.
  • Supporting the heads of service to remove blockers to their workflows.
  • Improving cross discipline communications.

Quick Fire Questions

  • Footprint Time Capsule Item: I'd put a picture of the whole team. Fundamentally it's the people that make a company and it's always great to reflect of those that have come and gone.
  • First Job: Saturday boy in a fruit and veg wholesaler
  • Vital Desk Item: I keep a pretty clear desk (something to do with a clear desk, clear mind) but I do always have a rubiks cube to hand. It helps me to focus.
  • New Item for Office: A tortoise table. low maintenance pets for the win.
  • What did You Want to be When You Grew Up? A Genetic Engineer

Favourite Book/Author?

Anything by James Herbert. The way he spends whole chapters to build a character only to kill them off builds a bigger picture of a story beyond the main plot.

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"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."
Robert Swan