Rhys Chapman – Relationship Manager

Rhys Chapman is a highly effective and dynamic marketing professional with extensive experience in executing 360 marketing campaigns across multiple business types. He is a Business graduate from the University of Essex, with a proven track record of translating problems into innovative, effective and flexible solutions that meet corporate needs.

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Before joining Footprint Digital as a Relationship Manager in 2021, Rhys spent over four years in marketing at the East of England Co-op, being promoted from Marketing Coordinator to Marketing Manager.

His previous position as an in house Marketing Manager means he understands exactly how it feels to be in our clients shoes. He says ‘I decided that I wanted to develop my digital marketing skills and I have followed Footprint for a few years and admire the encouragement and empowerment Footprint gives its team so when the opportunity came up to be part of the team I took it.’  

His excellent communication skills across a broad spectrum of stakeholders at all levels, ability to work to tight deadlines, and desire to rise successfully to the challenge are key traits that Rhys brings to his Relationship Manager position. 

Quick Fire Questions

  • Footprint Time Capsule Item: Unused festival tickets from 2020 - to remind people not to forget how amazing it is to attend live comedy or music.
  • First Job: Paper boy
  • Vital Desk Item: A pen that clicks. I can be annoying to sit next to in an office!
  • New Item for Office: Me and the team being able to be there safely! I've only visited the office once.
  • Best Trip: Italy for my 25th birthday. it was the first holiday I went by myself and I travelled to Milan then Florence and Rome.

Rhys’s Bucket List

  • Sky diving
  • Touring Australia and New Zealand
  • Hot air balloon over a safari
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"The beginning is always today."
Mary Wollstonecraft