Marketa Benisek – Partnership Development Manager

Marketa Benisek leads the way in Footprint Digital’s drive to make the internet more sustainable. She is passionate about connecting people and businesses that genuinely care about the environment and building a sustainable, resilient, and healthier future.

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Keen to raise awareness about the climate crisis and the existing solutions that businesses and individuals can adopt, she is a certified Climate Reality Leader, and she maintains a blog called Everyday Choices which helps people understand what they can do to contribute to a better future for our planet.

Marketa has a first class Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from the University of Greenwich, as well as a Certificate in Direct and Digital Marketing from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing. Before joining Footprint Digital as a Partnership Manager in 2019, she worked in the interior design industry for over four years as Social Media Manager and then Marketing and Events Manager for Decca London. 

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Quick Fire Questions

  • Footprint Time Capsule Item: Smarties
  • First Job: Bartender at Prague’s National Theatre
  • Vital Desk Item: My notepad - I'm an old fashioned pen & paper note taker
  • New Item for Office: Sit-stand desks and many more plants
  • Best Trip: 2 weeks in Japan during Sakura season (cherry blossom)

Marketa’s Bucket List

  • Have a carbon-negative house one day
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Create a podcast about sustainable living & working
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"Each and every one of us can make changes in the way we live our lives and become part of the solution [to climate change]."
Al Gore