Josef James – Head of Content and Conversion

Josef is a conversion-minded copywriter, with the interpersonal, educational and leadership skills that have seen him take to the Head of Content and Conversion role like a pig to mud.

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Before he decided to roll in conversion and content for a living, he received a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Essex, and went on to become a lecturer in English at City College Norwich. He was then a Teacher of English at Tendring Community College for several years, before joining the Footprint Digital team in 2018. 

During his time at Footprint, Josef has worked closely with his team of copywriters as well as the wider Delivery and Client Services teams to provide better content to a range of clients. He has upskilled internal team members and clients through content workshops. He continued his professional development by attaining qualifications such as the IDM Professional Certificate in Content Marketing, the HubSpot Academy Social Media Badge and still continues to upskill in his conversion knowledge by undergoing an industry-recognised certification with CXL. 

He also regularly presents at events, and talks on educational webinars. Read about his talk at the 2022 Experimentation Elite conference here.

3 books he would recommend are: The Woman in Black (short, creepy, ticks all the boxes), 1984 (everyone should read it at least once), and Stephen King’s IT. In fact, if he could swap places with someone for 24 hours it would be Stephen King.

Quick Fire Questions

  • Footprint Time Capsule Item: The Kettle (so we can replace it with a kick ass water boiler!)
  • First Job: Store assistant at Waterstones
  • Vital Desk Item: My pen & notepad. They reminds me of the humble beginnings of written communication (I don't keep a rock and chisel handy)
  • New Item for Office: A games room!
  • Best Trip: Iceland. Without a doubt the most beautiful country I've visited—incredible sights, nature and walks.

Josef’s Bucket List

“I don’t have a bucket list, happy to take what life throws at me. But I would like to visit some of the world’s most snow and mountain covered countries!”

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"Write drunk, edit sober."
Ernest Hemingway