Chris Ainsworth – Head of Search

As Head of Search at Footprint Digital since 2015, Chris Ainsworth is a digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) consultant with over 15 years’ experience within the search marketing industry. Chris has the technical knowledge and ability to bring maximum exposure and maximum ROI to businesses of all sizes, providing first-rate technical search marketing consultancy and strategic digital marketing guidance.

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Throughout his time as a digital marketing consultant, he has developed a comprehensive technical knowledge of SEO and thorough understanding of strategic search marketing. This is supported by a programming background, with Chris gaining a BCS Hons degree in Software Engineering in 2005. 

The continuous evolution and technical advancements of search marketing requires an eye on the ball at all times; therefore, ensuring his skills and ability to adapt to the latest technical advancements is always at the forefront of Chris’ self-development.

The last six years as Head of Search at Footprint Digital has enabled Chris to expand his managerial experience providing the opportunity to hone his skills in staff management, coaching and project management.

Chris says about Footprint ‘People are definitely the biggest motivator. We have a fantastic team, and the team are always on-hand to support and motivate’.

Chris is constantly keeping the team updated with different ideas and concepts in the SEO world – read an example of his thoughts on Edge SEO here.

Chris is currently at the forefront of our GA4 campaign, educating the wider team and our clients on this new analytics. Read his thoughts here or get in touch if you need to find out more about GA4 or get Chris’ help to transition from Universal Analytics.

Quick Fire Questions

  • Footprint Time Capsule Item: A can of Red Bull so I can keep ploughing through the work!
  • First Job: A panel beater at a mechanics
  • Vital Desk Item: Screen cleaner and my mini Henry - there's nothing worse than a dirty workspace!
  • New Item for Office: A basket ball court. A court may be a little demanding - perhaps just a hoop
  • Best Trip: Hong Kong - I was young so I can't remember much of it, but I remember it was awesome

Chris’s Bucket List

  • Buy a house for my family (Done!)
  • Play Basketball with an NBA Allstar
  • Get Footprint’s site to the top of SERPs for all our keywords
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"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection."
Mark Twain