Abdul Published in Journal of Brand Management

Published on August 18, 2023 by Alex Eade

We are thrilled to announce that Abdul Rohmanue, our Paid Media Manager, has achieved a great career milestone this week. Abdul, in collaboration with Dr. Erik Jacobi from the University of Essex Business School, has recently been published in the Journal of Brand Management. Their paper, titled: The Influence of Marketing Communications Agencies on Activist Brands’ Moral Competency Development and Ability to Engage in Authentic Brand Activism: Wieden+Kennedy ‘Just Does It’,’ delves into an interesting aspect of brand activism.

In a world where brands are increasingly expected to contribute to meaningful social change, Abdul and Erik’s research sheds light on the intricate process of developing moral competency within activist brands. Their study’s focus on Nike, Inc./Wieden+Kennedy campaigns from 2017 to 2021, centered on women’s empowerment, offers a rich case study.

The paper introduces a cyclical model that underscores the dynamic nature of moral competency in activist brands. What sets this model apart is its emphasis on inter-organizational collaborations, showcasing how a brand’s moral competency is shaped through these partnerships. The research also highlights the role of mobilizing interactional expertise as a crucial driver in developing moral competency, dispelling the notion that moral competency is a static attribute.

By addressing this research gap, Abdul and Erik’s work highlights the complex relationships between advertising agencies and brands, offering valuable insights for both scholars and industry practitioners. Their findings provide practical implications for brands striving to engage in authentic activism.

We are hugely proud of Abdul’s work and we hope that you’ll give it a read!