A Student’s Fourth Day at Footprint Digital

Published on July 6, 2017 by Alex Eade

Today was probably my most hands-on day at Footprint thus far. We started the day off with a high five meeting whereby the team celebrate winning a client and the sales team discuss any new clients they have acquired.

Then began my interviews with the sales team and the relationships managers (coming soon in another post) where I asked questions on their roles and get a deeper sense of understanding of Footprint as a whole.

I was also able to join Caroline and Alex in a discussion about Footprint’s own website and pages. I walked into the room they were in and I was immediately struck by the coloured post stick notes written in different coloured pens that Alex was working very hard on. The post stick notes were arranged like it would be on a homepage and I was quite impressed, to be entirely honest. Whilst in the meeting, Alex and Caroline were asking about my opinions and any comments I had about their website, showing how my input is valued at Footprint, no matter what lack of knowledge I had or that I hadn’t been working with them very long.

I was then able to sit in on a client call with Tom B  so I could see how Footprint interact with their clients and whether they had any concerns they would like to discuss in a meeting they had later on in the day. To my delight, Tom asked if I wanted to join him which I very eagerly said yes to! The meeting was at the client’s office so it was more of a field trip for me as I was away from the office during working hours and I felt like an overexcited schoolgirl again. The meeting was a great way to find out what business meetings are like and also how Footprint have meetings with clients. The clients were telling us their story, what they want to gain from Footprint and their concerns which Tom reassured them on.

Working with Footprint so far, I’ve learnt they are excellent at getting you right in the middle of the action and they continually encourage you to be adventurous; nothing is ever a hassle for them. They are also welcome to constructive criticisms and encourage honesty, even in relation to their own website. I’ve enjoyed my time at Footprint so much so that the time has just flown by and I only have one more day left. *sad face*

But like Caroline and the fly incident, I will charge straight forward to my last day! (Minus the fly swatter)

By Simran Kabotra.