We Are 10: The Next Ten

Published on July 2, 2021 by Alex Eade

If you stand still in digital marketing, then you’re going backwards. The industry has become unrecognizable over the last ten years, and we’re sure that we’ll spend the next ten working hard to keep ahead of the curve and bring innovative new solutions to our clients (it’s what we love to do!) We asked our team what they would like to see from Footprint over the next decade, and this is what they said…

  1. Michael wants even bigger projects for his Paid Search department.

2. J thinks the company culture needs more recognition – and hopes that our unique way of doing things continues into the future.

3. Raffaele has his sights set on the international market.

4. Tom J sees adaption as key to the next decade of Footprint. The online world and marketing will never stand still so we need to constantly be at the cutting edge.

5. Rosie just wants a puppy. We all second that!

6. Hannah is looking to build on the foundations of the last decade, and ensure that we continue to support our team and our clients to be the very best that they can be.

7. Bailey wants to expand globally, and try to help as many companies as possible to level up their digital marketing and online strategy.

8. Alex thinks we need to protect our culture, and get a pet. Any pet.

9. Jo is excited about the continued growth of the company, alongside maintaining the values that are so important to is – genuinely caring about the success of each client and doing our best work.

10. And in at number ten, is Jen. Jen recently joined us on our online Footprint Academy, so the educational aspects of Footprint are really important to her. She can’t wait to see what we do with education in our next ten years.