A Student’s Second Day at Footprint Digital

Published on July 4, 2017 by Alex Eade

I can confidently say that today was much livelier than yesterday since I was able to be more active and learn a lot more, thanks to the Footprint Academy. Today, I was able to sit in a training session about Google Analytics which was taught by one of the directors of Footprint, Tom J.

At first, I was quite apprehensive about the training session since I was thrown in the deep end as there were graduates already settled in and on their seventh session already. However, Hannah and Alex introduced me to the six graduates who were all incredibly friendly and made the effort to make me feel comfortable.

Tom started the session with an introduction into Google Analytics and asked everyone what questions they had about it. Then with a very pretty presentation, Tom began the training session which was a bit overwhelming at first but was very easy to follow. Even with the training session, there was still an air of light heartedness that made the session more engaging and by the end of it, I believe I could take these skills away and use them in the future.

After the session, Hannah, Alex and I had to take pictures for the blog post where a hilarious situation ensued. Whilst Tom J was trying to take a picture, Caroline was whizzing around the office with a fly swatter, trying to kill a fly that was causing a nuisance to everyone. A woman on a mission, Caroline cornered the fly sitting still on the window and charged right for it! Next thing we know, there’s a huge SPLAT and everyone is looking at the window, mouths open and eyes wide open in awe and in slight fear. After the initial shock, we were all cracking up and in stitches at how funny the whole debacle was. She managed to kill the fly and cleaned up the mess – she’s a hero to us all!

By Simran Kabotra.