Join us for ‘Footprint Digital Presents…Data in a Cookieless World’

Published on September 5, 2023 by Alex Eade

Following on from the sold out success of our February event, ‘The Sustainable Future of Digital,’ our team couldn’t wait to team up with RPC once again to present ‘Footprint Digital Presents… Data in a Cookieless World.’ This live event on 17th October at RPC London is set to shed light on the intricate world of consumer data, what’s accessible, and the crucial data that remains elusive.

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With the impending cookieless era on the horizon, marketers find themselves in uncharted territory. The event aims to explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as data pools shrink. Attendees will gain valuable insights into navigating this evolving landscape, ensuring they can make informed decisions without relying solely on cookies.

We’re so excited to introduce you to our incredible panel, who will not only clarify the legal aspects of data usage but also offer practical takeaways for optimising cross-channel data. This invaluable advice will hopefully empower attendees to harness the true potential of their data resources. Our panelists are:

Sarah Edwards, Director at Make it Clear
Sarah Willcocks, CEO of Screen Pages
Kate Brinkley, Head of Digital Planning at The Specialist Works
Kiran Dhoot, Associate at RPC
Tom Cox, Relationship Manager at Footprint Digital

In partnership with our friends at RPC, the event will take place at the picturesque St Katherine Docks in London, making it a must-attend occasion for anyone in the marketing sphere. Working with RPC allows us to bring together their legal understanding of data privacy and cookies, with the marketing know-how of the other panelists. It promises to be a robust discussion on one of the industry’s most pressing topics.

Tom Bowden, Director of Footprint Digital says “We’re excited to partner with RPC to dive deep into the realm of consumer data. This event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with industry leaders, understand the legal landscape, and equip ourselves with the knowledge to thrive in the cookieless world. We’re so pleased that our partners at The Specialist Works, Make it Clear and Screen Pages are also getting involved as we trust and value their opinions in this space massively.”

‘Footprint Digital Presents…Data in a Cookieless World’ will be a fantastic evening for anyone interested in marketing and consumer data, all are welcome and the tickets are free – but they are limited and our last event sold our quickly so book yours now to avoid missing out!