Footprint Digital have a Brand New Office

Published on May 25, 2017 by Alex Eade

We’ve moved!

We’re really happy to announce that Footprint Digital have just moved into our new office, at 1-3 Head Street, Colchester. So happy, in fact, that we had to have an ice-cream to celebrate (any excuse).

We had hoped to move into the new office in April, but unfortunately, we were still lacking an internet connection- and a digital marketing agency without an internet connection would be pretty useless we’re sure you’ll agree! That meant we had to postpone our move, and although we were disappointed that we couldn’t move in straight away, this did give us time to make sure the finishing touches were just right!

Goodbye Fever

Moving was a little bittersweet for us, because it meant saying goodbye to Fever, the branding & website design agency that we have shared an office with for the past few years. Fever have been wonderful office mates, and we have enjoyed working on many projects with them (and will hopefully continue to do so!) To say thank you to them, we surprised them with a giant cake, made by Dave’s extremely talented wife (the cake’s long gone now – we gave it to them when we thought we were leaving in April, maybe we should get them another cake?!)

Lots of hard work

The new office took a lot of hard work and planning – but we all agree that it has been so worth it. Hannah was put in charge of sourcing everything we’d need to make the new office operational, and in a flash, she’d whipped up a spreadsheet documenting everything we needed, from ergonomic chairs to tea towels. All in Footprint Digital colours, of course (if you visit us, expect a lot of Fuchsia pink and Turquoise blue – right down to the paper clips).

Sourcing took a while (who knew an office needed so much stuff?!) and meant lots of exciting packages being delivered to our old office (one day we got excited about the arrival of a peddle bin for the kitchen, we’re not sure if that’s normal or not). We’d all like to say a massive thank you to Hannah, who often used her lunch times and any spare moments to collect items for the new office with some help from other team members!

Somebody we’d also really like to say a special thank you to, is Ant, who made some beautiful bespoke furniture for us. He also hung blinds and did all manner of other jobs, which included putting together seven flat pack desks, ten chairs, and fourteen sets of drawers – for that, he deserves a medal (or some Smarties – hint, hint, Tom B ).


We’ve got a High-Street presence!

One of the most exciting moments was when the Footprint Digital branding went up. We are all so proud to have a high-street presence in Colchester, and to have our sign up for all the world to see (well, Colchester for now, maybe the world at a later date!) The branding inside the office is so bold and colourful; we’ve really put our stamp on things and nobody will be able to forget whose building they’re in, that’s for sure!

Settling in

Now that we’ve all been allocated our new seats, and have settled happily into our new surroundings, it’s time to get to work! A new office has given us all a huge boost, and we’re now even more determined to give our clients the best SEO, PPC, and CRO services ever!

Here’s to the next chapter for Footprint Digital!



By Alexandra Eade, Content Manager.