Some Very Exciting News for the Footprint Team

Published on March 3, 2017 by Alex Eade

Footprint Digital have some very exciting news – Drum roll please! … We’re moving!

As the team keeps growing we’ve been gradually splitting the seams of our current office, and with big plans for 2017, the directors decided it was time to fly the nest and set up somewhere new. The move has been in the pipelines for some time and we’re pleased to say that as of April 2017, Footprint Digital will have a new home!

For those clients who already know our current office, or for anyone needing to visit us for meetings – never fear, the new office is very close to our current one, right in the centre of Colchester (except now we have a lovely view of Fenwicks – which might be a bit problematic for the purse strings).

The office was kept a surprise for all of the Footprint employees (apart from Chris who got to see it a day early – but didn’t give the game away!) One Thursday afternoon we were all taken to a local bar for a drink. Suspicions arose when the directors were adamant we’d have our drinks in the beer garden – strange because the bar was practically empty and the garden was cold and windy. We were all pitching our theories for why we were sitting in a cold beer garden rather than in our warm office when Tom B asked us to follow him up a set of stairs, across a roof garden, and then through a door where James was waiting for us – in our new office!

The girls immediately got excited about decorating, and even more excited when they saw there was a mood board complete with copper accessories and lots of house plants. There was also a great deal of excitement about the in-built air con that will be a blessing during the summer months! (last summer we cooled off with ice lollies- hopefully the air con won’t mean the end of ice lollies).

We’ve got a large open spaced office area where we can all sit together, along with two meeting rooms and a smaller meeting room at the back (which will sometimes be home to Ten Minute Yoga – a short session we run at 3 O’clock for some of us to stretch, burn off energy, and clear our minds before getting back to the afternoon’s work). The building is really light and airy, the perfect space for a digital marketing agency who need to be creative and work hard!

I’ve already mentioned the view of Fenwicks, but really, the view of the high street is a real treat – we’ve probably got the best view of any of the offices in Colchester, and that view will definitely help us to feel more connected to the town.

This feels a bit like the end of an era, and the start of an exciting new journey for the company. We’re spreading our wings and making a move that will help us to develop and be bigger and better than ever before!

We’ll make sure to keep you posted on the move!

By Alexandra Eade, Content Manager.